About Us

we create awareness & remove barriers
to provide equitable access to opportunity

What we do

Flightdeck designs and develops programs and initiatives to engage, empower and inspire young women and men to pursue fulfilling careers across the broader aviation, aerospace and defence industries – now and in the future. We deliver programs and events nationally and locally, communicating across all channels from digital to face to face. We enjoy having a meaningful impact, inspiring others and removing perceived barriers to provide access to fulfilling and rewarding careers.

We utilise our extensive experience in program design, industry engagement, careers messaging and communications strategy to develop inspirational programs that reach the target cohort to enable equity of opportunity with a focus on gender and cultural diversity and social inclusion.

Who we are

The founders of Flightdeck are Claire Delaney and Sasha Robinson, Claire and Sasha founded Flightdeck to create awareness of and provide access to aspirational career opportunities by developing inclusive career guidance initiatives that connect community with industry.  

Claire has an expansive portfolio of strategic global talent capability expertise in international aviation, including career opportunity program development and delivery, careers communications development ensuring diversity and inclusion, systems implementation, data analytics, strategy design and operational effectiveness across 30 countries.  Sasha is a former international airline pilot, a former UNSW lecturer and course coordinator, an expert aviation witness, a mentor, a presenter at seminars and events, an interview coach, and a sponsor of Women in Aviation International Australian Chapter and the Australian Women Pilots Association. Sasha’s hardwork was recognised at the Australian Aviation Awards as a finalist in 2022 and then winner in 2023 for the category Female Aviation Leader of the Year Award.

Claire and Sasha are supported by a team of specialists who enjoy working with people from all walks of life, from large corporations and government departments to aspiring students and their parents. We enjoy having meaningful impact on people, families and their communities.  We bring people together, inspire others and remove barriers to provide access to fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Flightdeck Consulting

At Flightdeck Consulting we understand the global aviation industry inside and out, we keep an eye on pilot skills supply and demand and keep up to date with the latest industry hiring trends.

We spend our time working with pilots, helping to ensure they secure a position with the airline they aspire to work for. We give our clients the lifelong tools and techniques to be successful and to interview with confidence. Considering the recent times we have concentrated on delivering effective career guidance along with providing the tools required to pull off a successful and possibly radical career change.

We are lucky enough to have the benefit of over 20 years of experience as pilots, aviation university lecturers and simulator instructors – giving us unique insights into the aviation industry, and expertise we like to share.

“Sasha is able to grasp both the big picture and the granular detail of a project; works to a consistently high standard and can deliver the most complex task on time. She is well used to working to tight schedules and is unfazed by pressure.”
Brian Horton (Director of Flight Operations - School of Aviation University of NSW)
Suite 17 / 51 Old Barrenjoey Road
Avalon Beach
NSW 2107 Australia