Our mission is to break down barriers, empower women, and foster a culture of inclusivity across Australian workplaces

What we do


We are dedicated advocates delivering impactful programs, projects, and initiatives that raise awareness and empower individuals from all backgrounds to participate and thrive in the local workforce. We design and deliver community centric programs that equip women with the tools, support and opportunites necessary to secure rewarding empolyment. Flightdeck champions inclusivity and provides avenues for equitable participation and fosters collaboration within industry.




Who we are

CLAIRE DELANEY – Claire is passionate about creating programs that provide access to opportunity and real impact. She shows genuine care and empathy for the needs and challenges women face. Claire has received a “Brave Award” for her work and was a 2023 finalist the Women with Altitude “Purpose Driven Awards”.

SASHA ROBINSON – Sasha’s passion for teaching and her deep interest in Aviation make her a vital link between industry and the community. Recognised at the Australian Aviation Awards, finalist in 2022 and then winner in 2023 for the category “Female Aviation Leader of the Year”.

SUZIE EVANS – Suzie values being part of a tight-knit team of passionate women. Her marketing skills help our programs reach the target groups and empower those most in need. She finds great satisfaction in the positive impact our programs have on so many women.

CATH DAVIES – Cath enjoys giving back to the industry and her extensive experience as a pilot and career coach ensures effective influence throughout our programs. Cath relishes personally impacting and empowering women in their lives and careers.

The information obtained from your programs has opened our eyes to possibilities we may never have thought of ourselves. Thank you for enabling this empowerment.

Thank you for the opportunity to build courage and learn something new.
Lisa & Rachel, Program Participants
Suite 17 / 51 Old Barrenjoey Road
Avalon Beach
NSW 2107 Australia